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Become an SQL Database Administrator in a month. It is one of the stable and ‘high in demand’ IT jobs.

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 This course explains what are databases and why they are used.

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 SQL Server is relational database software which can manage small applications to large enterprise applications. It is used for data management, data storage, retrieval of data, data analysis and reporting. It is used in computer clouding information platform for putting data in public cloud securely.

This SQL Server training teaches Sql developers all the skills they need to create database objects like Tables, Views, Stored procedures & Functions and triggers in SQL Server. What is more the program Gives idea about writing Queries & Sub-queries, working with Joins, data backup, data restore, etc.

The course will begin with a basic introduction about databases and understand what exactly are databases and why they are used. We then learn how to install the required tools which will allow us to create our own databases and add data to them.
Moving along, we learn some SQL operators, and we also learn how these operators can be used in SQL queries which allows us to form more complex queriesWe also learn how SQL statements can be used to insert, update and delete data into the database. Once it is done, we move forward to learn about joins and learn what are different types of joins.
Once we complete each and every concept in SQL, we finally have a set of practice examples, which will allow you to practice SQL queries on your own.


  • To learn basic Database Concept.
  • To learn concept of Normalization.
  • To perform Insert,Update,Delete on database tables.
  • To learn different SQL Statements like DDL, DML, DQL, DCL, and TCL.
  • To retrieve data from tables.
  • Understand the different Views, Triggers
  • Understand Data Types,Sub-queries,Joins.
  • Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg) etc.

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Course Content

  • What is SQL
  • Application of SQL
  • Platform of SQL
  • Important of SQL
  • User Interface of SQL
  • Introduction of Database
  • Relationships
  • Primary keys & Foreign keys
  • Normalization
  • String
  • Numeric
  • Datetime
  •  TCL Command 
  • DML Command
  • DQL Command
  • Constraints
  • Joins
  • Subqueries
  • Views
  • Set operators
  • Triggers
  • Clauses
  • Backing up your db’s

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