TypeScript & Angular 2,4,6

These are versions of AngularJS Framework for developing and implementing large scale Web applications. Angular
2,4,6 consists framework with of several libraries which are required for developing a high-scale front-end web
and mobile applications

Designing component classes to manage templates, adding application logic in services
and boxing components and services in modules help application content in a browser and respond to user
interactions according to the instructions provided.

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  • To develop a modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 2,4,6
  • To understand the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2,4,6
  • To work with TypeScript
  • To understand the design of single page application
  • To work with MVC(Model View Controller)
  • To use Angular CLI


  • JavaScript OOP basics (inheritance,constructor pattern,polymorphism)
  • Html Basics
  • Basic knowledge in Miscrosoft office Suit.

Who should do the course

  • Project Managers
  • Teachers
  • Student( JHS,SHS,etc..)
  • All workers
  • Those willing to learn and build their career in web development

Course Content

  • GitHub
  • Environmental Setup
  • Introduction to Angular 2,4,6
  • Components
  • Component Life Cycle
  • Services
  • Single Page
  • Applications
  • Directives
  • Forms
  • Pipes
  • Communication Between Component
  • Mini-Live Project

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TypeScript & Angular 2,4,6 Duration

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