What is IgnTechit

IgnTechit is a modern Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Software Technology Training cum Cctv and Real-time GPS/GSM Tracking device Company situated in Eastern Region Akim-Oda, Ghana that trains students, workers or fresher’s with No prior experience in the related training courses and transforms them into an absolute master of the domain technologies.                        

The training course is categorized into two sections: Classroom Training and Online Training.  With the exceptions of GPS Tracking device and Cctv camera installation which is conducted in the classroom,
the reminding courses can be held both Classrooms as well as Online.


IgnTechit is a professionally managed Company, providing one-time solutions for your business needs in Latest Software in School Management System, Hospital Management System using Object Oriented Programs  (OOP). Web Design and Digital Marketing that helps you create your own Websites helping you to acquire skills in processes like SMM, SEM, On-page SEO as well as off-page SEO, Google Analytics.

What is more, our company give Cctv training with hands-on practical training courses that will provide you with the latest technology and Real-time GPS to know where your vehicles are and want to know with just a click of a button.